Projects we work on range from home demolition and water-proofing to light commercial and industrial facilities demolition and residential structure demolition. We use equipment that ranges from concrete crushers, wrecking hammers and an array of track and tire loaders.

As professional providers of Toronto demolition services, we and our contractor partners will always work to maintain an excellent working relationship with all Municipal, City, Region and Provincial departments to allow for expeditious service when getting required permissions and permits. We also assure our clients of the utmost attention to Eco-friendly issues, and our company maintains working relationships with environmental contractors in order to assist with any environmental cleanup that may become necessary. These relationships allow us to minimize to additional costs to our customer, and help to avoid schedule interruptions.

​We are proud of our record of jobs we and our associates have completed on time and within our job estimate. You can review the services we provide including building demolition, commercial demolition like restaurants, stores and other buildings whether it’s a complete demo or a partial demo as prep for a renovation or addition. We handle or arrange all forms of environmental remediation associated with bad soil, asbestos removal and mold.