Burglary Alarm

Are you leaving your business at risk?

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion unauthorized entry into a building or other area Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglary protection; combination systems provide both fire and intrusion protection

We understand that for millions of you, your business is not only your livelihood but your life. You’ve built it from the ground up and worked hard to make it a success, giving it your time, your money and your complete dedication.

That’s why we’re committed to protecting your business, and making sure you and your staff never have to suffer the cost that fire, theft and burglary can bring.

OSS is always there

At OSS we’re experts in security and offer solutions designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses. To see how we can protect your business, avoid disruption and safeguard your reputation, book a consultation at ownsecuritysolution.com

The facts speak for themselves

A massive 51% of UK businesses have been the victim of either theft, fire or burglary. This means half of business owners have had huge disruption to trading resulting in financial losses and their reputation being at risk.

In fact, over its lifespan a single business being repeatedly targeted by criminals, on average, faces up to four incidents of burglary and 20 incidents of burglary and 7 incidents of staff theft.

When we break down the figures further, one in five businesses have been victims of theft by their own staff members, while one in four were victims of burglary. And, unsurprisingly, 75% of them didn’t have adequate business security systems installed at the time of the crime.

To find out more about the implications crime can have on your business, including what it could cost you in the long-term, all the statistics are laid out in our handy infographic.

We take your business security seriously

Many business owners think it will never happen to them, and as a result don’t regularly update their security systems. We know just how often small businesses are targeted, even in the most rural areas. We found that 1 in 3 (31%) business owners who did experience an incident believe they wouldn’t have been targeted if they had a better security system.

We believe a great security system should be the backbone of all businesses to avoid disruption, provide safety and give you peace of mind. This is because we’ve seen first-hand how business disruption can cause not just short-term pain, but long term ruin.